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The High School Globe is actively looking for new high school writers who are to be enrolled in the 2014-2015 academic year. We are looking for topics as currently listed in the sub categories of the site. Online article publications should range from 500-1200 words. Online publications can use standard MLA and a Works Cited. Publishing material is selective, yet we prioritize responding to all submisions. Directions for submissions are below.

In order to apply as a resident staff writer, applicants must submit two original articles for review. If your intention is to apply as a staff writer, please indicate that in the body of the email. Note that publishing material is selective, and if you do not hear back from us, please do not resubmit. Directions for submissions are below.

Please email material to the following address: submissions@highschoolglobe.com

The email you be formatted as following:

Header: HSG Submission – [Article (Sub)-Category] [Article Name]



[High School]

[Word Count]

Attachment of Article file (.docx or .doc)

If you are from outside the United States, please also notify us of which country your high school is located.

Writers can either submit articles on a continuous basis or freelance open basis.